“Dastovians Sir, thousands of them!”

“Don’t be stupid lad, you can’t possibly see that many, not in this black smoke! You been at that funny foreign Tea again? I told you before, only Earl Grey or Pyramid brand is available in this trench!”

“Yes Sarge, sorry Sarge…”

What if the Victorians discovered a new source of fuel, something from a world far away? What if they harnessed this power and married it to the steam technology of the day? What if this “Aether” fell into the hands of foreign spies? Imagine the advances that could be made and the carnage wrought from such discoveries!

Yes, the war may have started due to the disposal of 4,000 crates of British Earl Grey leaf by Dastovian royal agents in the port of Monaco. But let’s be honest, the world was in turmoil, a battle between superpowers, waged over trade and fought over the farthest reaches of the Empire. The first into the fray, as ever, were the trusty red-coated soldiers of Her Majesty’s armies. They would fight to the last in the name of their Queen using the latest Aether-powered weaponry in what would forever more be known as The Tea Wars!

Assembled Redcoat variations

Assembled Redcoat variations (1 of 6)

Before we run, we need to walk and so we begin with the Poor Bloomin’ Infantry, without which no war can be won. The first release for our Tea Wars range is indeed the humble redcoat. To provide the maximum flexibility from this first kit we have produced separate heads, torsos and legs as shown. This gives, if we’ve added our sums right, a total of 144 different combinations.

That, of course, is only the beginning as with the range of 5 weapons supplied the combinations of troopers spiral to new heights. The intention here is to provide figures for all types of pith-helmeted goodness, from historical re-enactments of Rourke’s Drift to the Victorian scientific romances made popular by H.G. Wells and carried through by today’s “Steampunks”.

From this humble foundation, further sets of figures are to be produced. The first will be armoured trench fighting grenadiers and command staff. After that, steam-powered contraptions, artillery, and hopefully some rather spiffing mechanical cavalry. Along side this there are rumblings of the sinister Dastovians on the march, with their black uniforms and shining spiked helms.

The sculptor of these pieces is Aaron Brown at Black Crab sculpting studio; you can check them out at www.blackcrabsculpting.com.

Hmm, the future is here and it tastes of Tea…