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Latest News

Copper Mine Steampunk Cowboys posted 4th Dec ‘16

The Wild West Show is here!

Introducing the Stodden gang and their trusty mechanical steeds, all in glorious 28mm metal. A great concept and a really nice set of models, suitable for any Steampunk game, Wild Wild West Victorian sci-fi or even Dead Man's Hand.

Check out Copper Mine Miniatures under our product listings at the top of the page - you know you want to!

New Busts from Steve Leadley posted 9th Jul ‘16

Tommy and King Arthur now available!

Limited initial run - more casts on their way soon.

As followers of Steve's work on Facebook will undoubtedly already be aware, he has created an awesome new set of busts, namely King Arthur and a wartime piece called Tommy. Both are amazing sculpts, realised in high quality resin and supplied with ornate plinths. King Arthur will be £20.00 and Tommy will be £25.00.

Check them out under our tag cloud - Folklore, Myths and Legends and Tales from the Raj.

Ant and Phil

The Tea Wars Paddle Steamer posted 10th May ‘16

It's here at last! Our Paddle Steamer can take The Tea Wars into uncharted waters, and is a fantastic centrepiece to any game. A mix of resin and metal parts, the hull is ten inches long and four inches wide, and the upper deck stands three inches above the waterline.

It has been designed to be generic in the 28mm scale, so we hope that it appeals to Colonial gamers as well as Steampunk and VSF players. We have listed the individual paddle steamer and the individual ironclad variant - for those daring customers, we will be making both kits available in a combined set, with one hull, to allow gamers to interchange the usage as they see fit.

Check them out under the Black Pyramid listing on our main menu!

WarGods Ordering Service posted 23rd Feb ‘16

WarGods is proving popular - very popular - and whilst it would be lovely if we could buy in loads of stock each month just to have on show, it does prove difficult to choose packs that will appeal all the time.

We have used our ordering service very effectively for many months now, and we would urge new and existing customers to continue using this method for the foreseeable future - it's just so much easier!

Black Pyramid can, and will, order in specific requests at the end of each month, earlier if demand is high. So, if what you want is out of stock, please drop us an email and let us know what you require - the stock codes, pack description and number of packs you want will be fine. You will be sent an invoice for payment, and notified when the goods have arrived, prior to being posted out. Current estimates are around 4 weeks from the date of our order to Crocodile Games to the goods arriving in the UK - obviously, you will need to factor in the time from your email to the end of the month as well. European customers are most welcome!

Many thanks to everyone who has been enquiring about this, and we hope this clarifies the situation.

Ant and Phil

Facebook posted 11th Feb ‘15

Love it or hate it, you can't deny that Facebook is popular with an awful lot of people, and has become a great platform for gamers and manufacturers alike to show off their products and skills, be it sculpting or painting.

The Pyramid has set up a new Facebook page, under the title of Black Pyramid Gaming LLP - if you are a fan of our work, or a wargamer in general, please look us up and become a friend. We will do our best to update regularly, especially with photographs of our new stock and ranges.

Thanks very much - Ant and Phil.